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  • The school expects the cooperation of the parents to ensure that:
    a. Children come to the school regularly , punctually and dressed properly in the school uniform.
    b. Children brings their books , notebooks , which should be properly maintained.
    c. Children prepare their lessons and do their home work properly.
  • Parents are requested to make their on remarks in the school diary for the information of the teacher and sign it everyday. Corrections and home work are to be done regularly.
  • Regular defaulters of uniform and punctuality would be sent home after warnings (stamps ) which would be entered in the school diary.
  • Parents are requested to see that their servants who pick and drop their children or bring their child’s lunch do not remain on the school premises longer than is necessary.
  • In case of any accident or emergency during the school hours , parents will be informed at once. It there is a delay of parents coming to the school , the child will be taken to the FORTIS EMERGENCY/ any other doctor depending on the gravity of the situation.
  • In case of absence due to illness for long period , the Principal must be informed at the earliest.
  • In case of an infectious disease at home , parents should report the fact to the Principal at once and should not send their wards to class till the infection.
  • While management is always always ware of the safety precautions and will take due care , it is still a fact that even in the best run houses and in the safest places , things can go wrong . However the school management will take care of all precautions to ensure safety and security of the students while in the school. It must be understood that parents / guardians entrust their wards with the school staff at their own risk and the management will at no time be held liable in the melafide behaviour of the students in its care and due to circumstances beyond the control of School authorities.
  • When communicating with the Principal , parents are requested to mention their letters the name , class and section of their wards.
  • A written request must be sent in case the child has to be picked up by someone else.
  • Parents must inform the school authorities if they happen to notice any suspicious element moving around the school authority.
  • Parents are expected to attend the PTM on every fourth Saturday of the month. In case of gazetted holiday parents teachers meet will take place on third or fifth Saturday of the month as per schedule.
  • Homework provides essential practice in needed skills , to enrich , enhance and extend school experiences . Homework encourages growth in responsibility , gives practice in developing good work habits and affords opportunities for increasing self direction and learning how to budget time wisely.
  • Parents are requested not to allow their children to bring any valuables like expensive watches , jewelleries , toys and games to the school . the school is not responsible for any loss.
  • As per the C.B.S.E guidelines with respect to the continuous and comprehensive evaluation , it is mandatory for the students to take part in scholastic and co-schostic activities with excursions function field trips , inter and intra class activities.
  • Regular defaulters of uniform and punctuality would be sent home after five warnings (stamps ) which would be entered in the school diary.
  • Students should not be sent to early i.e. before 7:50am in summer and 8:20am in winter or picked up too late from school.
  • The child’s progress and growth can be achieved with the cooperation of parents in enforcing discipline and implementing the curriculum in a systematic manner.
  • No child is allowed to attend the school in the second half as if he remains absent in first half.
  • If the child needs second half leave then it will be permitted only by the permission of the Principal only
  • Students are not allowed to receive the visitors or to make phone calls during the school hours.
  • Parents are guardians are not allowed to walk into the classrooms or meet the teacher during school hours except as permitted.