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Every age has its unique needs and an educational institution represents not only the changing needs of a particular age but also preserves the unchanging core values that characterize our society. There has been a great change in our lives due to the enormous social, economical, technical and political changes that have team place in this century and we are now at the information age. It is thus, time we usher in an unconventional system of education that would satisfy the burgeoning needs of this age. The love walk replica educational and conscious of the needs of the future generation founded Ashman International School in the year 2004.

The trusties are dedicated educationists, social workers, administrators and NRI’s committed to the cause of education. Ashmah seeks to give its students a sound education in the fullest of the term while following a curriculum aimed at the attainment of the highest standards of academic excellence. Our emphasis lies in ensuring the holistic development of child’s character and personality, making him / her capable of leading the live of an aware and responsible citizen.

We, at Ashman strongly believe that knowledge is not an end in itself but is a means to cultivate the mind which nurtures the total best development of the students as a balanced and responsible human being capable of making a positive contribution to the society.