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“The role of education is to bring about a new vision and new heart and this is possible only when there is fundamental change in the values. Whatever forms our education may take , it has to be value based . Not that there are no values in today’s education , but the need is that , students should try to learn to get and fix their priorities right and clarify their values and beliefs when these are in conflict with the another set of values . They need grit to uphold these values when challenged by others . There is a dire need to strengthen inter- religious and inter – communal ties among the students . The team of Ashmah International School is working consistently keeping in view this concept.

We focus specifically on the individual needs, strengths and talents of each and every pupil both in our academic curriculum and our co- curricular activities . Strong emphasis is placed on the development of both hard and soft skills and to use teaching methods that make students enthusiastic and learn and explore something new with their own original ideas.

We prepare our students to succeed in a fast changing world in today’s global environment. Our aim is to cherish and instil in our students the upholding of values of honesty , integrity and respect towards their elders , love to cooperate towards their fellow beings and duty towards themselves , others and the wider community.

At Ashmah , all teachers understand and take great pride in their commitment to bring out the best in every child . In today’s world it is imperative to move with the times and therefore the teachers also receive frequent training to develop new skills and methodologies. We also value our partnership with our parents . Our mission is to work together as a team for the learning and growth of our children to make them future global citizens.